Firmware upgrade Canon EOS 7D

Upgrading firmware on a DSLR camera is completely new experience for me. Canon has released new firmware for my Canon EOS 7D and today I will install it.

I prefer Canons USA website to visit and download software. Canon has created a special page dedicated for the new 2.x firmware where they summarize the new features and provide a comparison from the previous version.


With the current version I have no issues, still I believe to follow the latest updates in general. 7D has professional features and getting them up to date doesn’t hurt anything. In the end we as end users are paying the price to get support and up to date technology.

How to upgrade firmware for Canon EOS 7D?

For Canon EOS 7D go to I download the EOS 7D Firmware Version 2.0.3 for a Mac based system.

I opened DMG and Finder mounted the image. When Canon 7D is connected on a Mac there is no external thumb drive in the Finder. To upload the firmware file, remove the CF memory card from the camera and connect to a card reader. Copy the 7D000203.FIR file and remove CF card from card reader.

Insert the CF card into the camera and turn on. Go to Menu and Set-up 3 screen (yellow key) and select Firmware Ver. 1.2.2. I am running the 1.2.2 firmware version currently.

Press OK and select OK once more. Firmware update program will start loading. My 7D000203.FIR file was found and I started the upgrade process.

The whole process worked pretty smooth for me. If you own a Canon EOS 7D upgrade to latest firmware version. I will go out and take some pictures with it. I check my pictures quite often and  I like enhanced “Scrolling of Magnified Images” for reviewing them.

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