SimpleViewer adds Universal Playback support

SimpleViewer has added support for iPhone, iPad and other Androids mobile devices.


SimpleViewer now includes SimpleViewer Mobile, a HTML5 version of SimpleViewer specifically designed for mobile devices that do not support Flash. This includes iPhones, iPads and Android devices. SimpleViewer Mobile provides a minimal interface to better present images on a small screen. The mobile version of the gallery is automatically created and is displayed if the user’s device does not have the Flash plugin enabled. To see this in action, view any SimpleViewer demo using a mobile device.


One of the drawbacks I encountered when presenting my work on mobile devices is that my iPhone or iPad “SimpleViewer requires JavaScript and Flash Player. Get Flash” message appeared.

Downloading and installing the latest version 2.1.2 of SimpleViewer solves this problem for us with Universal Playback support.

To move from the previous gallery version just open it with the latest SimpleViewer version and save the gallery. Upload and enjoy Universal Playback. Your work can now be viewed on almost all devices out there ;-).

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