How to share your photos on the Internet?

In less than 5 minutes you have a powerful tool to share your favorite photos on the Internet. SimpleViewer allows you to create photo galleries and it works fine on a Windows or a Mac computer. For me SimpleViewer is a important application to share my pictures. The installation is straight forward and with couple of steps you are up and running.

SimpleViewer is a free, customizable image gallery. It allows you to display your images on any web page in a professional and intuitive way. SimpleViewer now supports Universal Playback and can be viewed on Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad and Android.

SimpleViewer can run as a standalone application or you can extend Photoshop with it’s plugin. I am using the svBuilder. It requires Adobe AIR but it much easier and faster to build and customize  the galleries than with Photoshop plugin.


After the gallery has been created just upload it to a webserver or save it on in your Public folder of Dropbox. Share the link.

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