BlackRapid RS-7 Strap

How many times did you leave your camera at home or at the hotel room when being outside or traveling ?It isn’t always convenient to take all your camera gear with you. I personally missed a lot of beautiful moments just because I did not take my camera with me. I don’t like my camera suitcase and than I only have my iPhone with me.

The solution for me was to buy a camera strap from BlackRapid. I purchased the RS-7 which is extensible with their MODS system. The RS-7  fits perfectly around my shoulder and the camera is safe and secure. One important thing is to pay attention not hitting things  while having the camera on the strap. Couple times I almost hit some people with it but other than that a perfect solution for me and always having my camera with me! Check out the details and video below.

Blackrapid RS-7 camera strap

The RS-7 is specially designed to work with BlackRapid’s MODS system. It features attachment points so you can customize your strap with your choice of storage and other features. It’s constructed of ballistic nylon for extreme durability. With the RS-7, ergonomics are key. It’s designed and shaped to fit perfectly around your shoulder. The weight of your camera is evenly distributed for the ultimate in comfort. Built for speed, for when timing is everything.


Two pictures while using my RS-7 camera strip:

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